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(10') is a narrative short film starring Kieran O'Brien and Martha Cope telling a life backwards.

Producer Simon Kearney, DoP Mike Eley, Editor Kevin Austin, written and directed by Giles Borg. The film had it's premiere at the Brief Encounters festival in Bristol and then went on to screen at numerous festivals around the world.

the spaceman

10 mins. Short film (1999) staring Paul Coster and Julia Rayner. DoP Mike Eley. Editor Kate Walks, Written and Directed by Giles Borg


10 minutes (2003). Starring Matthew Sim, Amanda Cannon and Natalie Malaika. DOP Duncan Telford, Producer Marc Wilkinson, Written and Directed by Giles Borg

laws of motion

2001. Starring Matthew Sim and Stuart Ward. DOP Duncan Telford, Producer Alan Harris, Written and Directed by Giles Borg. Nominated Best Film at Uppsala, Costa Murta, Atlantic, Tokyo, Seoul, Brest, Tehran, Leuven and Raindance Film Festivals.

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